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News / Song Sleuth / 27 Sep 2021

Digesting Facebook’s inaugural widely viewed content report

1 minute read

Last month, Facebook released the first Widely Viewed Content Report with the goal of providing a transparent look at what its U.S. users have been seeing in their news feeds in Q2 of 2021.

Some of the most interesting findings include:‍

  • YouTube was the biggest single domain for News Feed content views in Q2, with 181.3m ‘content viewers’.
  • Comparatively, TikTok was seventh (110.7m). Spotify came in eighth (93m).
  • Though that may seem like a lot, for context, only 12.9% of all News Feed content (in Q2 in the US) contained external links.
  • 57% of posts on news feeds were from friends and people followed. This refers to organic content, meaning content that wasn’t advertised.
  • The Player Alumni Resources site for The Green Bay Packers was the biggest single link in terms of views on Facebook’s news feed in the second quarter of this year, seen by 87.2 million people. Read of that what you will.

The Widely Viewed Content Report sheds light on the way in which different social media platforms are connected. Though Facebook encourages native content, we can nonetheless see that social media has the tendency to send users from one platform to another. For musicians, songwriters and rights holders, this means that Facebook is still a key player within the online ecosystem in driving views and by extension, revenue.

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